Shamanic Ascension 

Join Ankuphara and friends on Friday March 8th, 2019 for a transformational evening through a Shamanic Group Ascension Process. We combine advance metaphysics, sound healing and shaman practice into a dynamic group experience. Resonate with us in a light-matrix of higher information capacity as we expand our consciousness to new levels of source intelligence. Explore the divine architecture of your soul and learn to utilize the core potential of your Spirit for healing and transformation.

Date: March 8, 2019
Event Time: 7pm-9pm
Investment: $44
Location: Midtown Manhattan Location TBC

Ascension Ticket

Holonomic Healing 

Level 1 Energy Perception & Development

Holonomic Healing is a metaphysical program created for energy perception and development. It combines many advanced principles and practices to assist you in the integration of your understanding of energetic healing modality. By learning and practicing the knowledge in this system, you will be able to greatly amplify and evolve your intuitive abilities. Holonomic healing approaches science with open mindedness and intuition. This healing system is designed to deepen your awareness of the universe while providing necessary experiences for understanding the fundamental forces of Creation. Holonomic Healing Level 1 focusses primarily on Holonomic Meditation Circuits, Energy-Work Practice, and Energy System Activation.

Saturday on March 9th:
A overview of Holonomic level 1 goals, objectives and intentions. Energy system warm up practices for preparing mind, body, and emotion. Curriculum Studies, with the Holonomic Healing Level 1 manual study guide. Holonomic Meditations for energy system Clearing, Connection and Activation.

Sunday on March 10th:
Advanced Holonomic Breath-work for energy system activation. Continued Curriculum Studies, with the Holonomic Healing Level 1 manual study guide.

Please RSVP
Date: March 9th and 10th
Event Time: 10am-5pm with 1h Lunch Break
Investment: 2 day plus manual $432
Location: Midtown Manhattan Location TBC

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