Holonomic Healing is a metaphysical program created for energy perception and development. It combines many advanced principles and practices to assist you in the integration of your understanding of energetic healing modality. By learning and practicing the knowledge in this system, you will be able to greatly amplify and evolve your intuitive abilities. Holonomic healing approaches science with open mindedness and intuition, as this healing system is designed to deepen your awareness of the universe while providing necessary experiences for understanding the fundamental forces of Creation. Holonomic Healing focusses primarily on Holonomic Meditation, Metaphysical Study, and Holonomic Energy Work. The intention of this multi-dimensional healing system is to invite you into a holistic perception of creation, that will allow you to work with energy on many levels of vibrational being.

Metaphysical Learning System

- Enhance Energy Perception and Development,
- Explore dynamic metaphysical and scientific studies of energy systems,
- Learn powerful meditations for your Spiritual Transformation,
- Activate and refine your personal energy systems,
- Strengthen your Energy Flow with Advanced Healing Practice
- Work with Consciousness Energy on Multidimensional Levels,
- Remove Energy Blocks and Open Your Channels,
- Clear and Balance Chakras, Energy Fields, & Energy-Systems,
- Understand Universal Function and Divine Design,
- Integrating Quantum Mechanics for Spiritual Expansion,
- Activate Hidden Human Potential & Psychic Healing Abilities,
- Holonomic Healing Level 1 & 2 comes with a manual study guide,

"You are a magnetic vortex of vibrational resonance constantly attracting and repelling energies as you create the experiences of your reality. Learn how to master this magnetism with heart intelligence and harmonize the electrical nature of your thoughts and magnetic waves of your emotions." 

Practitioner Training 

A Holonomic Practitioner expresses a holographic perception of biological energy, acknowledging that every part is a whole is a whole with in itself.
Holon: (philosophy): A whole in itself as well as a part of a larger system
Omics: Informally refers to a field of study in biology ending in -omics, such as genomics. 

Level 1

Transpersonal Alchemy
Transmuting Victim Consciousness
Attributes of your True Self
4 Keys to Masterful Manifestation
Conscious Communication Dynamics
Universal Law
Consciousness Information Processing
The Signal Flow-Path of Consciousness
Emotional Harmonics
Metaphysics of Thought and Emotion
The Matrix of Illusion
Social Energy Trauma-Clearing Energy Blocks
Universal Energy Functions
Energy - Light - Sound - Magnetic Energy
Atomic Structure / Sacred Geometry
The Bio-Magnetic Field
Energy Center Feedback
Vortex Morphology
Plasma Connection
Holonomic Meditation
Tetrahedral Fire Breathing

Level 2

Transmitting Spiritual Energy
Effects of Spiritual Energy Channeling
Coherent Field Geometry
Energy-Work Breath Technique
Energy Disposal
Vortex Energy Transmission
Psionic Beaming
Transmutation Grids
Clearing Energy Lines
Completing a Healing Circuit
Energy Field Processing
“Bio-Plasmic Gardening”
Embedding Positive Feed Back Systems
Primary Energy Center Processing
Seven Layer Transmutation Grid Sweep
Accesses your Inner Support System
144 Fire Breath Meditation

Random Pics from Manuals